A Grand Orchestra of Stuff

Lovely photographed installations from the series A Thing of Beauty by artist and designer Dawn Ng.  She handpicked the objects for the installations from 138 shops throughout Singapore from bakeries to convenience stores, and carefully arranged them by colour in amazing still lifes. Each installation is an anthropological documentary of things we collectively own and is a bold celebration of the everyday and ordinary. Love it! Via Ignant.

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Neck-turning neck pieces

Wauw! What an amazing collection of neck pieces made by German designer Agatha Waluga. She combines and plays with materials and creates a new design approach for fashion jewellery. Via Arcademi.

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Peaceful Pastel Photos

Suddenly I feel like icecream looking at this peaceful pastel photo series Unknown Geometries – A journey through shapes and colours of lesser-known architectures of Milan – by visual designer and photographer Giorgio Stefanoni. Via Trendland.

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Bleu Blanc Rouge and a little yellow

These cartoonish vessels by French ceramic duo L’Atelier des garçons just makes the grey Copenhagen sky disappear with their colorful fun patterns and slightly irregularly shaped ceramics. Enjoy! Via Trendland.

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Painted Pieces

Too difficult to pick a few, so this post goes on and on and on – cause they are all amazing, these colorful, graphic origami painted wood pieces by New York based Korean artist Zin Helena Song! Her work is inspired by the architecture and the strong energy of the city - and belive it or not - check out all the other beautiful ones, that I left out here. Via The Jealous Curator.

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Great Graphic Inspiration #23

Lovely packaging for British luxury truffle creators Costello & Hellerstein by Robot Food. Created by hand, the ribbons of colour, produced by swirling ink over water and overlaying cartridge paper, have come out incredible – I'm impressed and a bit jealous admitting that I'm always in lack of time in my own design processes and simply turns to the computer way to fast. Maybe it's time to take a deep breath and let the computer sleep, let the clients wait, and just have some pure, creative fun! Via Good Design makes Me Happy.

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Perfect Patch

Patch is a series by Oslo designstudio StokkeAustad of acoustic panels made from several different textiles mixed with mirrors, polished brass and Norwegian stone into great geometric patterns - almost like a painting. Love everything about it!!!

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