A Question Of Eagles

Though I'm not sure I'm going to embrace this green-is-the-new-black-urban-garden-plant-thing, that's going on for the moment and just fill up my home with plants, because it's a thing, I cannot put my head on the block and say plants – never again! Especially not if I can put them in one of these absolutely amazing ceramics pieces by A Question of Eagles – pretty cool name by the way! – rather than the boring white flower pot I used to keep my rubber plant and yucca palm in, before they accidentally passed away because of either too much or too little watering. Via Bloesom.

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Mira Mira on the wall..

Well not exactly...Mira is a shopping center located at Munich/Germany Dülferstrasse with a really colourfull facade – here beautifull captured by the Munich based autodidact photographer Nick Frank who loves architecture and amazing sights. And I love looking at this! Via The Jealous Curator.

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Crush on Cushions and Curtains

Sounds boring? Well not when we're in the world of Italien artist Patrizio Di Massimo and his elements of decor! Inspired by The Lustful Turk – an old infamous erotic novel of the same name first published in 1828 – he freely explores the relationships between bodies and objecthood, politics and ornamentation, shame and desire. His use of cushions, tassels, lush colours and soft furnishings leaves interpretations of the possible relationships between subject and object wide open.
Via Little Paper Planes

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Jooolry's Jewelry

Spectacular jewelry-line by Stockholm-based artist Cho Hyunjung. Love the spare, geometric pieces and playful oversized scales. Buy here (please, dear husband!). Via Trendland. 

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Shot by Schaumburg

Berlin based photographer Timothy Schaumburg shot this amazing still life campaign for the Lika Mimika's autumn/winter clutch-collection 2014/15. So graphic and beautiful with lovely colour-combinations. It's just another incredible example of series by the smoking young son of a gun! Via Arcademi.

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Besides from beeing a fantastic study in the variaty of the female anatomy considering legs only, it's also a quite fascinating and inspiring study in street fashion. Wauw - I want to be more brave! The series Citilegs is photographed – mostly in New York – by The New York Times Magazine's photo editor Stacey Baker. Via Present and Correct.

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Picture Perfect with Patience

Austrian photographer Josef Hoflehner created the series Patience in 2006 with his 25 year old son as an ongoing project. I kind of picked only the really nice summer shoots to get in the right mood for my upcoming holiday, but there are much more than beach and water at his website. Josef and his son travel the world six months a year to find just the perfect place to capture often waiting for days, weeks or what ever time it takes to get the right weather and light combination. And they don't stop until they are a 100% happy with the result – even if it means returning to the same place over and over again. I kind of hope this could be a new movement – just like slow-food but instead it's slow shoot ...? It would be quite nice for a change in these look-at-this-new-nice-poetic-photofilter-i-put-on-all-my-Instagram-snapshots-so-they-look-nice-and-not-crappy-anymore-times that we live in. Via Ignant.

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