Happy New Year

With these wise words from Holstee we wish you all a happy new year!
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Great collage illustrations by Prrr. Via Who Killed Bambi. 

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Coffee to go

Israeli clay sculptor Ronit Baranga gave these cups a will of their own, enabling the cup whether to stay or go in a given situation.

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Skin Drawing

This series of drawings describes a relationship between touch, tension, and surface. Lynn Palewicz combines photography, sculpture, and drawing to explore different approaches to self-portraiture: the self as subject, the self as material, and the self as creative impulse.Via Basic Sounds.

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Road Trip

OakOak is a french artist who likes to play with urban elements. Via rebel:art.

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Compliments for free

Made by Kind of Matter. Via Rebel:art.
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Little people

Little people left in the city to fend for themselves. Made by Slinkachu.
Enjoy "Maz and Joe" and have A MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Does that mean we're not getting any presents?

Barnaby Barford is an English artist who works primarily with ceramics to create unique narrative pieces. He works with both mass-market and antique found porcelain figurines, cutting up and exchanging elements or adding to them and repainting them, to create sculptures which are often sinister and sardonic but invariably humorous. With irony and a dark sense of English humor and satire, Barford's work explores and celebrates the human condition and draws a portrait of our contemporary lives. This focused series of pieces explores ideas of lost youth in today's society. The original figurines used are chocolate box images of childhood where even a street urchin is depicted as a romantic notion. The process of updating these figures plays as much of an important role in the work as the completed pieces.

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Lost Kids

From the series "Lost" by french photographer Frédéric Delangle.

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Invisible People

Korean sculptor Jin Young Yu's work is about people who, instead of getting along with others, choose to keep a distance from them, and be invisible or be left alone unconcerned. Instead of trying to fit into the world, they climb into a space of their own and reject other people’s intrusions.

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A traditional woodcarver

Fascinating sculptures by Gehard Demetz, an Italian born artist, who has risen to international prominence by applying his incredible craftsmanship as a traditional woodcarver to subjects that are new and appealing to contemporary viewers. His sculptures of children are at the same time attractive and disquieting and rendered with an amazing  perfection that is by no means rhetorical or classical.

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This is it ...

... have a nice psychological weekend!
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Rorschach style Wallpaper

We like the psychological wallpaper at Pfingstweide club made by Zürich-based Moiré.

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