Paper Collages

Lovely paper collages by Robi Jõeleht. A graphic designer and illustrator based in Estonia. More of his inspiring work here.Via Little Paper Planes.

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A neat way to tear old things apart, a way of seeing well-known objects in a new disguise? Well actually it's more a study of space. Artist J.Frede had realized that usable space in furniture was actually negative space or a void, and by rearranging the negative space, usability is directly affected. In a sense by moving the nothing he could destroy everything needed and negate their intent in the process. This shifting of surface and space concurrently shifts its purpose and reason resulting in a something less than a shadow of its previous self. Via Lustik.

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Christiane Constructs

Lovely paper constructions, folded and photographed by German artist Christiane Feser from the series Latente Konstrukte and Objekte. Her images are not abstract, but rather portray something that represents abstraction, which recalls certain works of abstract art. But nothing is being represented here — because while something built in reality forms the departure point, it never existed in that form; what we see only “exists” in the picture. Cool!

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Foam and Glass

Lovely material research project by Dutch designer Roos Gomperts. Uhmm – love the colours and the contrast between the two materials. They are each others visual and physical opposites — the one often used to protect the other. By treating the glass and foam as equals, both materials enhance each other and gain new meaning. Via Present And Correct.

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Shy and Helix

Those are some of the names of the stricking beautiful lighting by Brooklyn based Bec Brittain. Her designs draw upon a varied professional and educational background of architecture, philosophy, and product design; the work brings those different themes together, shaping the complexity to arrive at a new clarity. Located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, her studio focuses primarily on high-end lighting and prioritizes manufacturing locally. Love the slender design and the material used – must have one ... or two. Via Arcademi.

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Segments of Translucence

Japanese artist Ramon Todo creates beautiful sculptures inserting perfectly cut glass fragments in stones and rocks but also in books. The glass seem to slide through the object resulting in segments of translucence where you would least expect it. To me it looks absolutely amazing and very natural - well maybe not the books but the stones look like something you could actually find in nature - sooo beautiful! Via This Is Colossal.

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Bois Just Wanna Have Fun

The oil-on-canvas series Bois Just Wanna Have Fun by artist Cobi Moules, is a community of  engaging in different activities: playing, exploring his selves, nature and becoming part of it. Moules says: ‘As a queer and transgender person, I seek to renegotiate my relationship with this upbringing and the act of being told I am unnatural through such Christian lens. I utilize traditional representation as a way of seeking inclusion, creating a space for personal significance and a queer presence.The importance becomes the experiences of my multiple and overall presence.’
I love the scout-feeling it has to it – being part of a group where you all look alike and enjoy it and actually WANT to look alike, because looking different would cause too much attention and be terrifying so that's just NOT what you want – at least not at this time in your life. But that will all change in a few months and THEN you're gonna have fun... Via Ignant.

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Ceramic Trash

Ceramic masters break almost 70 percent of the porcelains that don't reach up to their standards of masterpieces. Korean artist Yee Sookyung takes that ceramic trash from the ceramic masters and puts the broken bits and pieces together one by one, covering the seams with 24 karat gold leaf.
The result is amazing - you recognize some pieces here and there but they are transformed into something completely different and very fascinating. Via The Jealous Curator.

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