Gorgeous Gouache by Goss

I like these gorgeous gouache paintings by artist Joanna Goss. First of all because the colours are so beautifully put together, and then my eyes and imagination gets all excited trying to find something familiar in the jumble of layers and colours. I see a lot of evil-eyed animal heads, noses, mouths - what do you see?? Via Curate 1k.

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Great Graphic Inspiration #20

The Swap Show, Show the Swap or Swap the Show? The Swap Show is an exhibition exchange between design studios and creative agencies from cities around the world designed to showcase and celebrate creative work internationally designed by Foreign Policy. Cool and playful typography and lovely colour palette – love the look, the look love or look the love? Whatever, I love it! Via Good Design Makes Me Happy.

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Paper Kite Collection

Autumn is near, the wind is stronger – it's time for kites! And seeing these beautiful paper kites by Austrian artist Anna Rubin makes me wanna make my own - well we'll see about that ... But Anna sure makes it sound easy: “I had always been scared that if I changed the form too much it wouldn’t fly. But I suddenly realized that you can actually build anything. As long as you are careful about the horizontal spar, it will still fly.” Via I'm Revolting.

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Use your Imagination

I love the fact that these talented drawings by Melbourne based artist and illustrator Evie Cahir seem kind of unfinished, and yet you can still very much feel the present of life and start imagine the untold story behind the unfinished people. Clever and beautiful made ! Via Lustik.

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Portraits of Plastic

Danish artist and photographer Linda Hansen normally portrays people, but in the series Life in Plastic the focus has shifted to animals – and not alive ones! The blown-up images are in fact headshots of plastic miniatures – some more lifelike than others! – that you can find in almost any childs room. I would be really terrified though, if I was to find the deformed, angry pig or the really psycked sheep in the drawer, where my children keep their plastic figures! Uh –be ware out there ...

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Totally incredible Tapestries

These handwoven tapestries from artist Justine Ashbee's Native Line are incredible, and the more I stare the more I want to shout WAUW! THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. Native Line is a mesmerising collection of geometric lines, shimmering metals, and new animistic forms in woven precious metals, golds, and silvers. All pieces are handwoven on a loom, using a four shaft weaving process. Inspired by the timeless motifs of indigenous woven craft work, Justine Ashbee combines geometric lines with shimmering metals to create luminary pieces of woven art. More here and shop here.

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Go Yosigo!

From the series Abandoned Places by Spanish Photographer and designer Jose Javier Serrano also known as Yosigo. I love the way he manages to extract a very special aesthetic and introduce the viewer to his very personal view on the surrounding environment and landscape. Yosigo implements composition, chromatics and certain elements of landscapes in a very careful and unique way, creating photographies that reveal his passion for graphic design. Via Ignant.

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