Accordion Cabinet

I like this amazing accordion cabinet designed by Elisa Strozyk & Sebastian Neeb in mixed wood and wooden textile. Via Wannekes.
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Kill Pixie

From his beginnings painting large-scale graffiti on the streets of Sydney, Australia, Mark Whalen (Kill Pixie) has evolved into an artist whose meticulously crafted paintings and sculptures examine the human experience by exploring communication, emotion, sexuality, invention, interaction, and ritual – all with an undercurrent of quiet absurdity.Via Juxtapoz.

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A different type of street art

Juliana Santacruz Herrera does something about the cracks in the roads that make driving and walking way less comfortable by filling the gaps with bright and colorful strands of yarn. Juliana currently fills potholes in Paris. Although her work might not be for eternity, it surely inspires some Parisian passers by to smile.Via lostateminor.

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Dirty water and foods

British graphic designer Ruben Ireland uses mixed media with the fusion of traditional techniques and digital processing to create thoughtful, dreamlike images that carry emotional weight as well as a relevance to our daily lives. His tools include ink, acrylic, dirty water, foods, weathered paper as well as photoshop and a wacom table. I really like his style! Via Trendland.

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Spectacular Sculptures

I've been a fan since I saw her work for the first time about 15 years ago in London. English artist, Rachel Whiteread, creates elegant and poetic sculptures which explore architecture, space, absence and memory. Often inspired by the physicality of the human body, her works are poignant for their exploration of intimate domestic spaces and household objects. She has an exhibition at Gallery Luhring Augustine in New York opening tomorrow, and I look forward to see it in about 4 weeks! Have a spectacular weekend!

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Recycled Plastique Fantastique

Two times reused plastic:
1-4: Unaltered Marine plastic objects found on the UK coast between 1994-2010 by Steve McPherson, collated and put together in the fantastic "Marine Plastic Artworks".
5-7: Robert Bradford  creates both small and life-sized pieces with old toys as his materials. Via Juxtapoz.

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Spilling Sculptures

London-based Chilean artist, Livia Marin, did these amazing melted objects as part of the series “Broken Things”. Marin sculpts everyday objects – cups, bowls, jars and plates – modeled with ruptures, splits and crevices. The fractures represent fatality and loss, but in repairing and keeping the object she stresses the relationship of care and continuation. Surreality and repetition are important procedures in the artist's work, creating a mechanization of the intimate relationship we have with objects of everyday use.Via Juxtapoz.

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Old Linen and Bald Guys

Isabelle Boinot just closed a solo show, Baldness Pleasure, at KRETS in Malmo, Sweden, and we deeply regret not seeing it! We love the contrast between the fine, old linen and the embroidered bald guys doing weird things. ”I really like men with baldness. It's for me a sign of virility, but it's not very pleasant for them and their ego, so it's a perfect mix of hero and anti-hero, strength and weakness. Also, as I like contrasts and ambiguity, I find it interesting to let those guys play together.” Via Juxtapoz.

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Visual objects that pose questions

Lost dolls, wooden tools, kid gloves, tobacco pipes: these are intimate links to imagined histories, hand-held reminders of a body’s physical experience, and starting points for several ongoing fantastic sculptural series by Claire Watson. Via Basicsounds.

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Ich & Kar

I like the colors in these simple and playfulin typographic pages in the cookbook by the king of chocolate and maccaron, Pierre Hermé, Infinitement, directed by French design company Ich and Kar. Have a nice weekend!
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Trend Tablet

Trend Tablet is a new trend platform founded by Li Edelkoort  – a Dutch trend guru, curator, publisher and educator who constantly lives in the future. Very inspiring – and invaluable if you work as a designer! Via Madame Hervé.
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