A drawing a day keeps the doctor away

Berlin based illustrator Tina Berning keeps a visual diary to stay in good health. Truly inspiring!
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Artistic Architecture

Belgium photographer Filip Dujardin made these photos of crazy buildings. And yes – they are not for real!! See more at his website.

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Hair we go again

More hair. This time from Chinese born artist Hong Chun Zhang, who made these charcoal drawings of hair. Amazing!
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Born Again

Dain started as a street artist in Brooklyn, but recently he opened his solo exhibition at Lebenson Gallery, in Paris. Entitled Born Again as a nudge to his use of old-school icons, the show presents pieces made exclusively for the occasion. The artist's style is deeply cross-genre: he mixes graffiti with drawing, collage and varnish. He's made a name for himself by using images of classical beauties to create deconstructed portraits of fifties Hollywood stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

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Show us Your Type

They Love Typeface and they love Cities. Neue magazine is an online magazine based on your contributions. First themes were Barcelona, Berlin and New York and next city coming up is Hong Kong. For further information see Show us your type. The shown images are made by Burkhardt Hauke and Mihalis Arkopoulos.
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Dashing Drawings

Bettina Krieg’s works play with the second glance; the precision and subtlety of her drawings first becomes visible when the viewer gets involved with the countless details.

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Lucy and Bart

LucyandBart is a collaboration between Lucy McRae and Bart Hess described as an instinctual stalking of fashion, architecture, performance and the body. They share a fascination with genetic manipulation and beauty expression. Dutch Fashion Magazine Blend commissioned Lucyandbart to create eight images that represented the evolution of the Levi's 501 jeans brand.
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Hembakat är Bäst

IKEA just released a cookbook in Sweden and instead of a normal, boring list of ingredients, they did these fantastic pictures. Very graphic and very inspiring, so hurry up to an IKEA in Sweden for a free copy! Styled by Evelina Bratell and photographed by Carl Kleiner. Found at Today and Tomorrow.

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Sonja Støj

Sus did website and catalog together with MOM/Maria Bramsen for Sonja Støj. Here is what happened behind the scenes. See the catalog here.
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Untitled and The Legacy of Beige

We like the swedish artist Annika von Hausswolff. Her photos are very experimental and shows rarely faces. Mostly she works with dreams and experiences from her childhood.
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Flower power

We like the flower girls (and boy) from Amira Fritz. Found at Acidolatte.
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An alternativ wardrobe

If you don't have the space and money for the other wardrobe, here's an idea for an alternative hanger. Two young design students, Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli, made the "One idea a day" concept, where they everyday come up with an idea to solve a problem.
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Need a New Wardrobe?

Exploring and expanding existing objects to create a new way to manage small spaces results in functional and simple creations, like this wardrobe made of 20 common wood hangers and black ropes made by Alice Rosignoli. Simple and inspiring! Photos by Lucio Patone.

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Imme van der Haak

Imme van der Haak plays with forms and transformations to reveal the idea that every form has its own beauty. She comments in an expressive way on the current ideas about beauty.
From her projects Jewelry, Siamese socks and Elastic Minds. Photography by Carina Hesper.

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Superb Sus

Sus made these really, beautiful collages for Dansk Mode and Textile, describing some of the future trends.

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Blackbox and blackcuts

We like these sculptures from Andy Vogt made from salvaged lath, plywood + acrylic.

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I know we promised no more knitting...

but I can't help it! These items are so funny. I found them at Cabbage Rose – a blog with great interiors and design.

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The Daily Nice

Every day Jason Evans shows a photography of something that makes him happy. This made him happy the day we passed by.
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Woodblock posters

We like the Woodblock posters from Anthony Burill and the poster campaign he did for the worst hotel in the world.

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Life Begins and Ends With the Individual

Reality of Youth Going Backwards in Vain by Jocelyn Allen describes the 7 stages of a persons existence. She visualizes this concept and her own potential past, present and future by making herself the protagonist within the photographs. See the rest of the serie here.

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Do you like doodles?

Killer street art, illustration and doodles from ... well, Doodles aka Nick Mann, an anonymous San Francisco-based street artist, who makes your trip through the city much more interesting.

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London, Paris, New York and Sydney

We like the fashion illustrations Sara Lippett did for Anorak Magazine.

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Awesome Alejandra

We like the poetic stories in the photos from Alejandra Laviada. All her projects reflect a city in transition, struggling to reconcile past and future histories. See more at her website.

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Fabulous Finnsdottir

Finnsdottir Design originates from the strong Scandinavian design tradition. The unique porcelain collections are crafted by hand in the finest materials and has a very distinct expression. The designer, Thora Finnsdottir is educated ceramicist and designer from the danish design school and based in Copenhagen. Now on sale this thursday 16th of september 2010 from 15.00–20.00 at Bentzonsvej (Gate between no 5 og 7) in the backyard, 2000 Frederiksberg. I'll definitely be there!

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