And that's the end ...

... of a very black and white week! Next week – more color, please! Yes, mam'...
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Letter Lovin' Letman

Dutch designer, Job Wouters, a.k.a Letman did these unusually flyers for a fashion event called Modefabriek. Photography by Philippe Vogelenzang. Via FormFiftyFive.

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State Of The Obvious

We like the collection of products from S/O/T/O (State of the Obvious) made by Mash Creative, which turns conventional branding on its head. As the name may suggest, the collection consists of branded items which State the Obvious. From Identity Designed.

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Barbara Kruger

American artist Barbara Kruger at The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam from august 28, 2010 – january 9, 2011.

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Giant Fortune Cookie

Design student, Fredrik Staurland did a limited packaging design for a t-shirt, packaged in a giant fortune cookie, your fortune is on the t-shirt inside. Via Lovely Package.

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Reality is not truth

We like the strange, painted collages by German artist, Sandra Ackermann, of women in fashion-poses who's clothing becomes a kind of portal that opens the view to another picture. By Hard Feelings.

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Delicious Donuts

Mia Liu loves to discover different papers from her everyday life to use as her creative medium, and the medium itself also leads to the inspiration for her installation works. This work uses Guggenheim Museum’s tickets as the creative medium, and using the ticket hole-punched method, she turned her daily routine of eating donuts at the Guggenheim Museum café into the topic of her creative work.Via Illusion 360°.

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Grégoire Alexandre the Great

Spectacular, scenographic images from French photographer, Grégoire Alexandre. Check his amazing portfolio.

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Sus and Savings

Sus did this beautiful collage-illustration about women and their savings for a weekly woman's magazine.
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Electric Eiko

We like the work by Japanese artist, Eiko Ishizawa, investigates the invisible world, what is hidden by layers of common perception in everyday life. By doing so, her work attempts to assert the fantasy in reality.

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The End of Masculinity

And with all this fakeness it's time to end the challenge of making our blog a bit more masculine. It was actually too challenging, so from now on we'll just post whatever we find interesting – masculine or girlie stuff, until someone gives us a new challenge. Have a nice, masculine weekend!
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Masculine Week Part 5: Masculine Fun and Fake

Fake superheroes: These characters made by Mark Newport are childhood memories of the ultimate man – the Dad every boy wants, the man every boy wants to grow up to be. His hand knit acrylic re-creations of these heroes’ costumes combine their heroic, protective, ultra masculine, yet vulnerable persons with the protective gestures of his mother – hand knit acrylic sweaters meant to keep him safe from New England winters.

Fake footwear: hand-cut, glued, acrylic-painted and oil-stained cardboard shoes made by Mike Leavitt. Via Illusion 360°.

Fake ties: Dress For Dinner Napkins from The Spoon Sisters. Via Illusion 360°
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Masculine Week Part 4: Masculine Illustration

Our truly talented workmate from Gul Stue, Mads Berg, did these amazing posters for Franks Originale. Cars – now that's masculine, right?

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Masculine Week Part 3: Masculine Photography

We're not really sure, if these photos are especially masculine, but at least the photographer is male...
Photos by Frederik Heyman, Belgium. Check out his website for more (girlie stuff, too).

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Masculine Week Part 2: Masculine Art

Dramatic, explosive and masculine paper installations from German artist, Andreas Kocks.

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Fantastic but Feminine!

We're really, really sorry – we know we promised a more masculine week, but we just can't wait until next monday to share this with you: Over sized jewelery to beautify the city, designed by goldsmith, Liesbet Bussche, from Belgium. Feminine and fantastic! Via Ignant.

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Masculine Week Part 1: Masculine Graphics

Even though you're a woman, you can succeed in making graphic design with a masculine touch. "Fly-postering" and "The technical vocabulary of tennis" are examples of that  – read more about the two masculine projects from Zürich based graphic designer, Selena Bütler.

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