Great Graphic Inspiration #17

Well yes it's a year to late, but the idea and execution is still great in this 2012 annual planner for Allegheny Financial by London-based design agency Bunch. Love the combination of yellow pages tied together with red thread in a sewn binding with an open spine stitch matched on the cover by using red and holographic foil – nice! Via Good Design Makes Me Happy.

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Woolen Wigs

London-based photographer and specialist in knitted probs Louise Walker are the woman behind these lovely ice cream colored woolen wigs from the series Wooly Head. Via Trendland.
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Complex Collages

Image cropping and splicing is now an ancient old art form dating back to the invention of the printing press, but the collages of Spanish artist Ernesto Artillo are bit more complex than a snip here and there. Ernesto is making note-worthy collages combining high-end photography of supermodels, ancient pieces of art, nature or animals in a terrific dusty colour palette.Via Lustik.

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Tape Temptations

Spanish artist Anna Taratiel is totally on my favorite list. Not only has she done some wonderful wooden sculptures, she has also done these gorgeous geometric tape collages. Must buy tape! Via Battalion.

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Just checking the Walls

The connections between humans and the built environment interests Chicago based artist Scott Carter, serving as the primary source material for his work. His work is expressed through simultaneous attempts at reconstruction, supported by a wide array of technical knowledge and a strong connection to his surroundings. Blurring the lines between sculpture and installation Carter first develops digital prototypes which he then translates into the myriad components needed to construct the furniture and other sculptures that comprise each exhibition. Via This Is Colossal.

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These Rugs Rock

Cool and colourful rugs that I just wanna hang on my livingroom wall like in my childhood home - only these are actually really an art piece! Swedish textile designer Jonathan Josefsson made them and a lot of other cool stuff. Check it out! Via I'm Revolting.

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Snow White

So beautiful and pure! Photos from the series Snow White by Belgian artist Sanne de Wilde, who studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent.Via Basic Sounds.

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Branzi and Birch

Italian designer and architect Andrea Branzi. created these beautiful black patinated aluminum and birch installations – cool and simple!

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Accumulations/Between Spaces

Love the simplicity and colours in these acrylic paint on wood panels from the series by Chigago-based artist Melanie Pankau. Via Trendland.

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