Fashion Font

I'm not a great fan of fonts made out of pasta, toasted bread or whatever comes to your mind, but from time to time even I get surprised in a good way – like this Fashion Font by designer Yvette Yang. For six years the Korean-born, Paris-based artist has been creating
Fashion-Fonts showing the trends of the season, crafting each collage by hand. She would not want to estimate the form of typography and tries to explore the maximum chance to find beautiful matches coincidentally. See that's font art in my opinion!! Via Trendland.

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Wonderful Wall Hangings

Wonderful wall hangings by ceramic artist Heather Levine. She moved from New York City to Los Angeles, loves Paris and all things French and cccupies her time by looking at and making pretty things. Yep - she sure does make pretty things! Via I'm Revolting.

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Collected Collages

Sarah Bridgland’s diminutive paper creations inhabit the territory between sculpture and collage. Delicately fashioned out of second-hand ephemera collected from junk shops and fragments of Bridgland’s own printed media, they create spaces where the real and the imagined co-exist, where fact and fiction collide. Each piece is a myriad of textures, shapes and lettering, reflecting Bridgland’s interest in the formal concerns of the Russian avant-garde and Constructivism. Via Present and Correct.

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A Piece A Day

A Piece A Day is the Tumlr by talented Danish animation director and illustrator, Helena Frank. Every single day she post a piece of her talent – I've picked a few of my favorites, but pick your own, or check out her graduation film Heavy Heads from the National Film School of Denmark. Via Ignant.

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Iconic Architecture Illustrations

At first glance these posters look like they were made in the 1920ies, but since most of these iconic buildings were build much later, they must be new? And they are – beautifully executed by Portugese architect and illustrator, Andre Chiote. Buy here - he ships everywhere! Via Trendland.

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King of Polyester Resin

Wauw - I really like these simple and outstanding sculptures in polyester resin by German artist Thomas Rentmeister. Via I'm Revolting.

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Paulina the Printmaker

I love the simplicity and the colours in these linocut monotypes by visual artist Paulina Rypakova born i Poland and now living and working in Slovakia. In her artworks she celebrates a wild being, the inner soulmate, a powerful force, good instincts and passionate creativity within each of us. Buy here! Via Lustik.

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