Picture Perfect with Patience

Austrian photographer Josef Hoflehner created the series Patience in 2006 with his 25 year old son as an ongoing project. I kind of picked only the really nice summer shoots to get in the right mood for my upcoming holiday, but there are much more than beach and water at his website. Josef and his son travel the world six months a year to find just the perfect place to capture often waiting for days, weeks or what ever time it takes to get the right weather and light combination. And they don't stop until they are a 100% happy with the result – even if it means returning to the same place over and over again. I kind of hope this could be a new movement – just like slow-food but instead it's slow shoot ...? It would be quite nice for a change in these look-at-this-new-nice-poetic-photofilter-i-put-on-all-my-Instagram-snapshots-so-they-look-nice-and-not-crappy-anymore-times that we live in. Via Ignant.

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That's the name of this fabulous, playful and stylish table by Mexican Design Studio, Esrawe. The piece allows you to catalogue/organize the everyday items that you use the most. The objects that are placed into the table reflect a partial image of the personality and also gives you a glimpse of the activity of the person that uses it. Mayby not very practical my real life but in my dream-office - yes indeed!! Via Present And Correct.

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Great Graphic Inspiration #22

Simple and strong branding for New York based photographer Ryan Slack, designed by Studio Newwork – also based in New York. The focus was on clean typographic design not too elegant with a simple colour palette: red on white to reflect vitality and energy of the photographer himself. The red logotype fits in a thick frame, and it gives a pop yet authentic impression. Nice work! Via Good Design makes Me Happy.

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