The Birthday Party

Vee Speers is an Australian artist living in Paris. Her ability to blur the line between autobigraphy and fantasy, the bizarre and beautiful, is the key to these timeless portraits from the series The Birthday Party. Via Trend Tablet.

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American artist Matthias Merkel Hess created all these amazing ceramic pieces inspired by every day containers for the show Bucketry. Via The Jealous Curator.

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Glorious Gamut

Daniel Freytag is a UK-based photographer whose evocative images are of scenes that are, more often than not, overlooked for their seeming banality. Via Ignant.

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Things are happening; will happen; have happened!

Hayv Kahraman is an Iraqi artist and painter working mainly in ink on paper and oil on unprimed linen and wood. Her works reflect the controversial issues of gender, war, and women’s cross-cultural issues, all disputes that plague her home country of Iraq.Via Lustik.

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Pad, Snug, Grimm...

... are names of some of Bina Baitel's great design. She uses long-term innovation, simplicity and experimentation in order to transform concepts into objects, spaces and experiences. Via Madame Hervé.

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A different type of street art #7

Neozoon is a collective of artists based in Berlin and Paris, interested in using public space as a venue for ephemeral artworks. By using recycled fur coats and reshaping them into a flat figurative or abstract shape, Neozoon’s temporary pop-up installations and films explore the third dimension and the strange interaction between humans and animals. Have a nice ephemeral weekend! Via Trendtablet.

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Fashion Furniture

Inseparable Twins lets furniture and fashion fuse together being monogamous with each other. Danish graphic designer Mandy Rep created this concept as an assignment for the Willem de Kooning academie in Rotterdam. Nice! Via Trendland.

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Way of Life

Simple but powerful illustrations by English artist and illustrator Adam Batchelor. Via Ignant.

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