Do you know this great blog for photographic inspiration? These images are from JJJJound – the one in the middle is taken from A Two Pipe Problem Letterpress.
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Melt Down

We like Nina Saunders. The London based danish artist who creates a series of sculptures which are both funny and quirky, yet at the same time quiet and contemplative, from a range of medium including concrete, leather, textiles and bronze. We especially like her melted furniture. Recent exhibitions include an installation collaborated with London shoe designer Tracey Neuls using fabrics by British textile brand Sanderson at Neuls store. Found at Dezeen.
 Pictures from Nina Saunders

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The boy who would't eat his breakfast

Fine illustrations from an old childrens book called, "The boy who would't eat his breakfast" from Illustrationsforlaget. Written and illustrated by Elisabeth Brozowska.

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Smashing Swash

Watch out for the british design company, Swash by Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka, mixing illustration and design in their collections. And check out the fabulous website.
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Wool and the Gang

Maybe it's because fall is just around the corner, that we posted so much knitted stuff, but we promise – no more yarn, knitting or wool for a long time after this post, but check out this really cool knitting from Wool and the Gang. You can buy a kit or the finished knitwear.
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Isabel berglund

Excellent Copenhagen based artist who combines design, art and fashion. She graduated from The Danish Design School and went to Central Saint Martins in London. She has exhibited in a wide range of venues most recently in Iceland at the Loops 2010 yarncraft festival. Contact Isabel Berglund here.

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Knitted Reality

French artist, Aurelie Mathigot, who is faking reality.

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Jump jump

Another great illustrator, Luke Best.
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What to Wear

For fun or decoration, created by Izumi Idoia Zubia. Found at Mon Petit Art.

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One Two Tree

Great, decorative holder for pencils made by G. Arbutti and M. Federico. Found at Saison.
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Snake is the new Owl

We believe, that snake is taking over from owl as the no. 1 it-animal!
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Need an Armor?

Based in the south of Sweden on an old farm, you can see Per Lillelund Jensen's passion. Photographed by Jacob Termansen.

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Sculpture in motion

Nick Cave, a sculptor and fashion designer based in Chicago, made these fascinating Soundsuits for the exhibition Call and Response: Africa to America at Halsey Institute.

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Train Your Brain

The perfect Memory Game for color obsessed designers or for parents who are tired of letting the kids win – it's simply too difficult to cheat. From Siebensachen.
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Wrap it

Funny tape with different prints for wrapping presents, for decoration or just for fun. Found at buisjesenbeugels.
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Mmmm Chocolate

We like the look of these chocolates from Curious Chocolate.
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Do you want pickles with your hot dog

Really funny knitting by Nicole Gastonguay.
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Animal Interactions

A new kind of stuffed animals for the little ones, made by Jennifer Muskopf.
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Mike Perry

"Cool shirt" – "Yeah, I made it"
Sus bought my son this great book from Moderna Museet i Stockholm. So very soon I'll be making t-shirts for him (and me!) with these awesome illustrations by Mike Perry. He works in Brooklyn creating graphics and typefaces, making paintings and prints and illustrations for books, newspapers, clothing, skateboards, chairs ...
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There is a hair in my soup

Diem Chau is the artist behind these porcelain masterpieces.
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More wonderful wood

Christopher Bettig's made this wooden installation for a shop located in San Fransisco, Hello by Candystore
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Wonderful Wood

AJ Fosik made these wonderful wooden sculptures. See more at David B Smith Gallery.

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Cool Cardboard

 Ana Serrano made this cardboard city. We found it at Gingko Press in the book Juxtapoz handmade.
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Bagoo is a baby carrier for you, who are not into wrapping 5 m of fabric around your body to carry your baby or don't find the BabyBjörn that fancy. Or just wants a big, beautiful bag ...

Outdoor folding bench. If you're tired of never being able to get a seat in the park.

Check out more cool stuff from Kompott.
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Michael Rytz

One of our favorites and a really talented illustrator, Michael Rytz.
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Polala Café

Cosy, little café in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, where the coffee is really good and always served with a smile. Breakfast is served from 7:30, the atmosphere is lovely intimate and you can enjoy your coffee outside in the sun, if you pass by in the afternoon. Free Wifi.
Monday to Saturday 07:30 AM to 7:00 PM (saturday to 4:00 PM)
Sundevedsgade 5, 1751 Copenhagen V
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Fake watches

Fantastic fake watches from misako mimokoPin It


Copenhagen Jewellery Fair

With illustrations by one of Copenhagens most talented illustrators, Jan Callesen, Sus created 4 trend posters for the Copenhagen Jewellery Fair.

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A friend of Sus' send us these really funny and creative human imitations of animals.Pin It

CIFF KIDS trends 2011

Together with Ulla Skjødt from Dansk Mode & Textil and photographer Anne Mie Dreves and four fantastic kids Sus made these pictures describing the four trends for Spring/Summer 2011: Dockers, Preppy, Pioneer and Garden. Ulla made the cute snake.

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