Timeless and Spaceless

Julian Pacaud is a french illustrator, currently living in Le Mans, France. Before becoming an illustrator, he was, by turns: an astrophysician, an international snooker player, a hypnotist and an esperanto teacher. And he hopes someday to have enough free time to devote himself to his real passion: time travel. We do hope he will continue illustrating while time-traveling, cause this is great work and very inspirational!! If you like his work, you can buy it at his shop. Via Juxtapoz.

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Don't you just hate it when that happens?

While dedusting your cupboards in spring, that nice little porcelaine figurine that you got from some distant relatif accidently gets tossed on the ground, gruesomely tearing the limbs apart from the body. 
Jan Vormann thought of a solution for this problem, so one doesn't have to go through all the explanation for REALLY not doing it on purpose, and so that the dull little figurine is actually transformed into a neat little cyborg. Check out other projects from the Repair Project at Platform21. Via Ignant. Have a nice repairing weekend!
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Magnificent Mike Lay

Great illustrations by American artist, Mike Lay. Check out his Flickr for more images. Via Brown Paper Bag.

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Wonder Walls

Daniel Arsham's work blurs the line between art, architecture and performance and explores issues of natural versus manufactured or intention versus happenstance. Via Ignant.

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Royal Art Lodge

Love the wit and humor in the strong conceptual paintings of Royal Art Lodge, Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber. I had a hard time chosen images for this post! Interested? Maybe it's your lucky day – they keep a list of items they would be interested in trading their paintings for!! Via Juxtapoz.

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Cheap Cannelloni

Lovely colors, super simple! Really great packaging design, by Swedish design student, Erik Johansson: “The assignment was to design a low-price pasta brand. I chose to keep it one color only and printed on unbleached cardboard, to keep costs down.” Via Lovely Package.

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Find a thing and disassemble it – maybe a project for the weekend? We are fascinated by Todd McLellan's ability of finding order in the chaos of springs, wires, nuts and bolts and creating these fantastic and weirdly beautiful photos. Have a nice, disassembled weekend! Via Juxtapoz.

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Oh yeah Ojanen

Great illustrations by Joakim Ojanen – a Swedish artist studying for a BA in illustration and graphic design at Konstfack in Stockholm.Via Brown Paper Bag.

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A hundred years old!

These gorgeous graphics date back to the 19th Century and are simply the cover pages to fire insurance maps for various cities around the United States. Made by D. A. Sanborn National Insurance Diagram Bureau established in New York City in 1867. Sanborn is still around today, check them out here. Via Juxtapoz.

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Handbag or Furniture?

Home Traveler made by German designer, Anne Lorenz, is a storage, brilliantly disguised as an enormous handbag. The leather bag on legs is designed to be moved around without occupying a fixed place on the home. I want one for my laundry! Via Dezeen.

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Keep it neat and tidy?

We are really fascinated by the accurate stacking done by Swedish artist, Michael Johansson. Right now he is having a solo exhibition at The Flat - Massimo Carasi, in Milano from Jan 13th to March 5th, 2011 or check out his website for more amazing stacked sculptures. Via Basic Sounds.

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Cool Coleman

We like these weird circus-meets-undertaker black and white drawings by San Fransisco based artist, Richard Coleman.

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