Conceptual Situations

Fabian Bürgy is a swiss based Sculptor and Independent Digital Creative. His diverse and playful artistic practice, which includes sculpture, installation and digital imaging, explores the aesthetic of things through random encounters of materials, misplaced situations and spatial relationships. Bürgy creates conceptual situations and small interventions which are inspired by a wide range of mundane objects and appearances, from chairs and suicide belts to skid row textures, nails and even dog tails, all subjected to what could be described as Bürgy’s characteristically slightly violent and disturbing process of transformation, misplacement and dysfunction of things.Via Arcademi.

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Love these fun super duper collages showing the hat-collections for the Italian hat brand SuperDuper. The discovery of a unique wooden hat blocker started a fun-loving passion for the team behind SuperDuper. Since the very beginning the beauty of this object, so carefully carved, went together with the love for the hat, an irreplaceable icon of style. A hat becomes a SuperDuper only if they are truly satisfied with the final result and if they are the first ones willing to wear it! Via Trendland.

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Chinese bastard Chairs

In the series Bastard Chairs beautifully shoot by German photographer Michael Wolfe we get challenged in of our standard definition of a chair. Great inspiration for furniture designers! Most of Wolfes work is life in mega cities and many of his projects document the architecture and the  vernacular culture of metropolises. Earlier entries here. Via Lustik.

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Houston - we have a problem

I don't think so - not when it comes to the quirky art universe by Matt Houston!

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