Joyful Jenni

Great illustrations and things by Jenni Rope. The last picture is a still from the joyful animation, The climbing tree. She lives in Helsinki and works as an artist, and occasionly makes illustrations for the Napa Illustrations Agency. She is also the founder of the independent publishing house Napa Books and the Napa Gallery & Shop in Helsinki. Her next exhibition is in February 2011, Cutters, at West Cork Arts Centre, Ireland.

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Almost there ...

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Carefully Crafted Imagery

Odd beauty dipped in colour. Gentle melancholy adorned with sweet fears. A pleasant response to an eerie matter. Robert G. Bartholot is a Berlin-based freelance designer with an emphasis on photographic illustration and art direction. Beside his interest in dollish characters he certainly has a weakness for dusty shine, trendless fashion and striking gloom. Via Basic Sounds.

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Blueprint Fashion

We like the work of Trac­cia­menti, an artist liv­ing in Italy. Her draw­ings of fash­ion are a nice take on the genre. Via Brown Paper Bag.

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Crazy Cloakroom

Studio Wieki Somers designed the wardrobe at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam as a merry-go-round. In the museum the coats float under the ceiling, fill the empty space and hang safely high and other properties like bags etc. are being displayed in transparent lockers as museum pieces. The cloakroom is constantly changing its shape and color depending on the visitors of the museum.

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Bigger is Better?

By making use of principles such as enlargement, reduction and abstraction, the American artist Robert Therrien opens the door to extraordinary perspectives. He investigates man's connection with the things around him and invites the viewer to reconsider his ties to the commonplace. Exhibition at Museum De Pont in Tilburg, Holland,  from January 29th to May 15th 2011.

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Prickly Pencils

Jennifer Maestre uses pencils, but not the way most of us do, or even the ways most artists do. These imaginative creatures use pencils to showcase the contrast between lifelike forms and industrially produced materials. They were inspired by the texture of the sea urchin, which she has been exploring in many materials for several years. Via Beautiful Decay.

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Brothers and Sisters

Excellent photos by Dutch photographer Ruud van Empel – a photographer who's work often seems magical at first sight. He shoots many images and combines them in a computer. He often uses nature and children as his subjects, creating vibrant images that have a outer-worldly feel to them.

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Smoking hot

'Cigarette ash landscape' – an installation by Chinese photographer and artist Yang Yongliang. Black and white photographs are collaged and piled to mimic cigarette ash.Via Another.
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Small Dramas and Little Nothings

We like the fine, simple collages on war and childhood trauma from the serie "Small Dramas and Little Nothings" by Canadian artist Sophie Jodoin. Via Ignant.

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Octopus Chair

The Spanish artist Maximo Riera made this opulent chair in the shape of an octopus. It's the first piece of The Animal Chair Collection  – an attempt to reflect and capture the beauty of nature. Can't wait to see the other chairs to come: Rhino, Lion, Beetle, Whale and Walrus. Via Ignant.

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Two in One and A Pair of Jeans

Funny sculptures by German artist Axel Lieber. Via Basic Sounds.

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Working with Fiber

We absolutely love the fascinating textile work by the internationally recognized artist Sheila Hicks. She was born in Hastings, Nebraska and received her BFA and MFA degrees from Yale University. Upon completing her studies at Yale Hicks received a Fulbright scholarship in 1957 to paint in Chile. While in South America she developed her interest in working with fibers. After founding workshops in Mexico, Chile, and South Africa, and working in Morocco and India, she now divides her time between her Paris studio and New York.

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