Assamblage and Wood

I'm a big fan of wood (that's not really news) and I like assamblage, so I'm obviously a big fan of these wood assamblages made by graphic designer and artist Damion Silver. Via Lustik.

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Tiles for Tile-Lovers

I love to take photos of tiles, especially old tiles and I have a hole lot of tile-photos from my many vacations in Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal – but these beautiful porcelain tiles designed by Patricia Urquiola from the series Mutina Azulej for Academy Tiles are more than just a photo-opportunity! These I could actually take home – only it's too difficult to choose! Via Madame HervĂ©.

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Redefined objects

Canberra based artist Jacqueline Bradley makes playful and dreamy sculptural objects. Her work explores ways of engaging with the surrounding environment, ideas of home and a sense of place. She mainly works with household objects and creates small, in themselves coherent objects that seem to have sprung from another world. Via Ignant.

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Fabulous Frames

Playful geometric shelves from the series A-Frames designed and hand made by Brooklyn based design studio CHIAOZZA. The Shelves are inspired by a Danish folk design called "Amagerhylde" – A-shaped shelves from Amager (island next to Copenhagen) and are ideal for displaying collections of small objects and curios, yet are beautiful on their own as art objects themselves. If only I had more walls! Via Bloesem Kids.

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Great Graphic Inspiration #18

Great visuel identity by the Mexican design agency Anagrama for Nordic House – a dry-cleaning shop in San Francisco, California.  Their approach was focused on Scandinavian design, combining simple geometric forms with a clean, sharp, well-distributed logotype and an icy, cold color palette. A few icons are present in the overall identity, designed with a stark and reductionist style that captures the brand’s elemental emphasis on honesty, clarity and above all, quality. Good work! Via The Dieline.

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South Africa based r1 considers the street as an open canvas and works with urban interventions and collects every day found materials, transforming them and placing them back where they came from, to become a part of the city’s journey. The resulting artwork is tactile, moving within the motion of the cityscape. Like the street, the work finds its meaning once an interaction with the passer-by takes place. Here magazine pages have found a new home in the window of a closed bookshop somewhere in England. Via Lustik.

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Paper Part of Me

I love the way that Polish artist Magdalena Pankiewicz's illustrations add some playfull creativity to photographer Lukasz Dziewic shoot Paper Part of Me for Hunger. Via Trendland.

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FAUX Friday

Normally I'm not really a marble-kind-a-girl, but I really like these cool posters. Artist, Susan Arnild has contributed to the making of the marble imitation in the posters series FAUX, available in Playtype Concept Store. In addition, Playtype designers Jess Andersen, Andreas Peitersen and Stefan Friedli have developed a brand new type – also called FAUX. Soon available in Playtype font shop. The more I see, the less I know for sure (John Lennon). 

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Wasted by Wasted Rita

I really enjoy reading these statements by Wasted Rita – an illustrator and graphic designer based in Porto, Portugal. I posted about her illustration here in my early blog days. She's known for her humor drawings and hand lettering quotes. She's all about irritating and provoking people, keeping it simple, sassy and fun, punk, Do It Your-Fucking-self, counterculture, guerrilla art, integrity and sarcasm, destroying or distorting things, working through mistakes, not working through mistakes, being passionate and alive, believing in her fucking self and a massive willpower that usually inspires or intimidates people. Via Ignant.

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