Stoneware sculptures

These stoneware sculptures by New York based ceramicist and artist Ebitenyefa Baralaye are so beautiful in material and shape – and love the woody look (big surprice!). His work focuses on issues of identity through abstraction and his imaginative interests lead to creative explorations from an early age and ultimately to a committed dedication to the arts.

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Une garde-robe pour mon ombre

Canadian artist Amélie Brisson-Darveau traces her friends’ shadows to make patterns for clothing that she tailors afterwards. The clothes are lying as dismembred bodies or cartographies on the floor. A lightning system allows the visitor to cast his/her shadow on the clothes in order to suit them. Inspired from dance, this work is a research about stillness and movement and about play between absence and presence. I'm a fan!

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Totally fantastic Thread

Really cool sitting objects build with the totally fantastic Thread Wrapping Machine by Anton Alvarez, and only the glue-coated thread is used to hold the components of the pieces together. For a demonstration watch here! Via Lustik.

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Colorful Courts

Cool Colour-drenched images that operate as both playful documentary studies and intriguing formal propositions from the series Court (also now a book) by Australian photographer and artist Ward Roberts. Via Ignant.

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100 posterworks

Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen are two people who structure their lives around reading, writing, and talking; making various kinds of art; and playing with their son. With the project 100 posterworks they address philosophical questions, comment on political or artistic issues, quote, complain, poke fun and indirectly document our lives.

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Everyday Objects

The Turkey-born, Hamburg-based artist, Sakir Gökçebag, keeps his selection of objects limited. His work is more about the possible varieties and arrangements that he creates out of these objects. By cutting the objects in pieces and bringing these pieces together in an impossible setting, he totally changes the context of the object. Through his obsessive preciseness he creates optical illusions. Cutting out shoes, boots, brooms, brushes, baskets, Gökcebag demonstrates his humorous approach, but his sincerity in searching the possibilities results in a certain fascination. Check his website for much more! Via Trendland.

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Simple but Appealing

Guess I'm in a poetic and sensitive mood these days ... Denise Nestor is a really talented illustrator from Ireland and her work is very sensitive, personal and compelling and have a beautiful naturalness. Simple but appealing.Via Ignant.

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Acting like Starlings

Beautiful and almost poetic lace made of enamelled copper wire by Canadian artist and textile designer Meghan Price. Her work unites indepth explorations of material and textile construction techniques with the contemplation of less tangible systems.

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Two or One

Reality or fiction? That's the question Czech artist and photographer Tereza Vlčková asks in the series Two, where she placed computer generated clones amongst biological twins. It is then up to us and our imagination to judge the genuineness of the photos and analyze their likeness. I'm not sure which are for real and which are clones, but I know for sure that I would run very fast if I meet the girls in the first or second photo a dark, rainy night – they are really eerie!

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Wonderful and Whimsical

Spinning images constructed by Marcel Duchamp in the 1930s. Via Present and Correct.

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