Paintings that please me

Oh - real paintings is not really my thing. I mostly prefer installation art or sculpture. But when it comes to the paintings by American painter Michael Carson I'm all of a sudden very much into paintings again. As a former graphic designer he loves to incorporate his love of design, fashion and architecture into his work. His volition is to emphasize relationships of color and light and allow the texture of his brush stroke to move the viewer’s eye through the art, and I like what my eye see! Via The Jealous Curator.

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Dream, Therapy and Protein...

... are some of the names of these strange but attractive sculptures by British artist Christopher Orlando Page. Via Present and Correct.

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Cleaning Just Became Fun

Before artist Katherine Rohrbacher became a painter she was a Rubber Dish Glove Designer! And I must say that cleaning and dish-washing just has become much more appealing and fun – or at least the thought of it!! Don't forget to check out the garden gloves and oven mitts recently added to the line! Via Lustik.

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Tea Time

Ettore Sottsass was an Italian architect and designer, and member of the 80s Memphis Group, who did some pretty colourful and crazy pieces. Some were awfull and some were cool! But before that he designed these  amazing teapots in 1972. Fancy a pot of tea? Yes please!! Via Present and Correct. 

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packaging inspired pieces

Inspired by unfolded packaging Melbourne based artist Esther Stewart created these amazing pieces from the series Carton. So nice and beautiful colours! Via Present and Correct.

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The Reckoning of Time

Beautiful geometric scarves in fantastic colour combinations from the new collection The Reckoning of Time by Melbourne based textile designer Eloïse RAPP. Via Claire Leina.

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Hand-voven Walls

WOW - I'm blown away by these amazing hand-woven walls by Dutch textile designer Wies Preijde. A combination of lines, colors, views and passageways gives the observer the idea of walking through a transparent home. Different color combinations exist in the abstracted, patterned spaces, resulting in a flat image which gives the holographic impression of a three dimensional expansion. The varied vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines coalesce into rooms, windows, and other imaginary environments and passages.Via I'm Revolting.

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75 Parisiennes

French photographer, Baudouin has for many years been passionate about Les Parisiennes, and shot more than 300 portraits of women in their home in Paris. 75 of them has been selected for the book 75 Parisiennes. A tribute to the capital (Paris Zip code is 75) and it's women –and an cool inspiration for interior, fashion, lifestyle and curiosity lovers. Via Trendland.

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Ladder Light Love

I absolutely love these lights by designer and photographer Jessica Nakanishi from the series Ladder Lights and Necklace Lights. For the past 10 years,  Jessica has worked in Interior Design on projects throughout North & South America, and the Middle East. In 2011 she co-founded MSDS Studio, a Toronto based creative studio. Via Present and Correct.

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