Filled Field

Stunning photos by Hungarian artist and photographer Mate Moro from the series Filled Field. Check out more cool series here.

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Geraldine the Great

Great mixed media illustrations by Belgian artist and graphic designer Geraldine George. Buy here. Via Trendland.

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Great Graphic Inspiration #15

Notting Happened On This Day is a project by Fatti Burke – a graphic designer and illustrator living in Dublin City with his hamster Steven Gerrard. Scientists have pinpointed the 20th Century’s most boring day as April 11, 1954, and Fatti Burke have managed to show the boring news in a very interesting way. So cool!

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Recomposed Reality

French artist, Lauren Marsolier, has for the past 7 years been working on a series of photographs called Transition, which are large-format prints part-montage and part digitally-altered. They communicate a constant sense of ambiguity, and the viewer is somewhat unsettled and wonders
what is real and what is fictional. The skies are flattened out, everything is smooth and desolate, and shapes and textures take the place of people. Lauren Marsolier moved from Paris to L.A in 2009.

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Folded and Unfolded

Folded sharks, birds, spiders and other animals by artist Marc Fichou. Each animal can be unfolded back to its initial two-dimensional square, and retains the physical marks of its creases. Origami and paper are one and the same thing at two different times, in two different spaces and in two different shapes. The final piece is an unfolded photograph, where folds in the picture blend with the real folds. Via Ignant.

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Pencil on Paper

Kathy Barry is an Auckland based artist, trained in sculpture, a sensibility she brings to her drawings in the attention to the structural properties of her materials – the light, lined ghostliness of the pencil grid and the subtly buckling receptivity of the paper. The sculptural references are carried through into the content: the references to folds, to gravity and to spatial relationships constructed through manipulation of tone, colour, shape. Love the black, white and greyish look, not to mention the incredible technic – wauw!

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Cosmic Surgery

Since leaving University in 2010, Alma Haser has been working on self-portraits, being her own willing and available model. More recently she has started taking portraits of other people and is interested in making work that has a disquieting or disconcerting resonance.
The series Cosmic Surgery thas three distinct stages. Firstly Alma photographs her sitter, then prints multiple images of the subjects face and folds them into a complicated origami modular construction, which then gets placed back onto the original face of the portrait. Finally the whole thing is re-photographed. Fascinating in a kind of scary way! Via The Jealous Curator.

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A post about Posts

In the series Posts by Firat Erdim, the artist has systematically taking apart standard 6x6 douglas fir and cedar posts, and pieces of salvaged timber through cutting and splitting, to re-build them as accumulated, sedimentary constructions. While some of the Posts are literally taken apart and re-constituted, others are inscribed with saw and gouge and inked as wood-block printing instruments. Wood-love...

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