Great Graphic Inspiration #21

Interesting and impressive is this Visual identity by graphic designer Duane Dalton for Imbue Furniture – a London based furniture company that specialises in bespoke and custom pieces to suit your every need. Imbue Furniture required an elegant and memorable identity that communicated quality. The symbol focuses on the joins present in the furniture and subtly represents the multiple perspectives — a top down and side — that one can view or interact with a piece of furniture. A custom logotype was drawn to match the qualities in the symbol. Nice work Mr. Dalton! Via Good Design Makes Me Happy.

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Striking Street Murals

Fantastic Street murals by French artist Philippe Baudelocque. Most of his street murals of animals are created with impermenant mediums like chalk or white oil pastels. Each animal is created with a mosaic of delicate line work in the form of organic and geometric patterns that merge to form each piece. Baudelocque most recently participated in the ongoing BergeStreet art event along the banks of the Seine in Paris. Via This Is Colossal.

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Jaw dropping beautiful Jewelry

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Nope it's absolutely amazing comtemporary jewelry by Uncommon Matters. Splitting her time between Berlin and Paris, designer Amélie Riech worked as a fashion consultant, stylist and designer for international fashion houses until founding this line dedicated entirely to her own creative vision in 2008. This series shows some of Amélie Riech’s artistic endeavors, gently illuminated by Berlin based photographer Amos Fricke. Via Arcademi.

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Fleurs from 1929

Fleurs: texte et vingt-six planches en couleurs (1929). That's the lovely no-bullshit-title of a book by Serge Gladky with – what I would call – a perfect collection of geometric forms and nice colours in playful combinations! Serge Gladky was a prominent figure in the Art Deco movement and a leading precursor of modern abstract art. Beeing a French architect, designer, and graphic artist, who was active during the 1920s and 30s, he was primarily renowned for his cubist style, and his decorative abstract prints were characterized by the creative, harmonious synthesis of geometric forms derived mostly from nature. Simple? Yes! Love it? Yes! Via Present and Correct.

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Cool Combinations

Love these sculptures and tableaux by American artist based in Austin, Andy Coolquitt. Fantastic colours and material combinations! His signature installations featured what he calls "somebody-mades," items he salvaged from the street and exhibited exactly as he found them, and "in-betweens," which combined those found sculptures into assemblages of his own. Truly cool mr. Coolquitt! Via I'm Revolting.

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Oooh… is the title of this wonderful series by Sydney based artist Todd Robinson. Normally ballons are up high and playful but these got kind of tired at the birthday party and retired or fell asleep! Todd Robinson’s practice traverses fields of sculpture, installation, textiles and fashion. Via The Jealous Curator.

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Scientific Scupltures

The shortest distance between two points is a line. Or is it a curve? American father-son artist duo Martin and Erik Demaine combines applied mathematics and origami that results in beautiful complex forms that appear to be undulating in motion while remaining completely static. When folded along curved creases, paper shapes itself into a natural equilibrium form. These equilibria are poorly understood, especially for curved creases. The duo explores what shapes are possible in this genre of self-folding origami, with applications to deployable structures, manufacturing, and self-assembly. This transformation of flat paper into swirling surfaces creates sculpture that feels alive. The stunning forms that emerge from the mathematical relationships in their work underlies the realization that mathematics is an art form. Via Trend Tablet.

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