Intrusions, Protrusions and Disown

Using traditional ceramic firing processes, American artist Emily Sudd transforms collectible kitsch ceramic objects and functional ware into fine art sculptures - here from the series Intrusions, Protrusions and Disown. After collecting and arranging the various items, she subjects all of the objects to the same firing conditions, resulting in unpredictable and surprising results. In the firing, some objects retain their form, while others melt down into fluid clay and glaze. My favorite is the first one with the melted coffee pot in the tray – but hey, the lion with some indefinable thing melted over its head is pretty great too. Not to mention what's going on at some of the shelves – fantastic work! Via Lustik.

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Ladies And Gentlemen: The Aura Chimes

A feast for the eyes - and for the ears! Amazing Aura Chimes handmade by Seattle based Ladies and Gentlemen Studio in collaboration with artist Nicholas Nyland. The Aura Chimes is a series of  miniature functional sculptures made of metal, wood, leather and ceramic components all combined into playfull and minimalistic hanging wonders exploring sound and kinetics. Well - I just wonder if they ship to Europe cause I got some free space in my ceiling! Check out other wonderful L&G objects at their webshop. Via The Jealous Curator.

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Perfume Pieces

When Dutch designer Jody Kocken found out that she was allergic to perfume, she designed her own way out of it with Perfume Tools. Her series of Industrial jewelry pieces are able to attach to the openings of perfumes bottles and the tools then work as a means of holding the scent and diffusing them, while acting as a barrier between the sensitive skin and the actual perfume. It's so clever and so beautiful! No wonder she won a Wallpaper Design Award 2014 – congrats!! Via Bloesem.

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After working as a digital creative for commercial companies, Amsterdam based artist and designer SIT decided to stop the madness in 2008 and went back to head and handcraft to slice away the fat. Well I'm glad he did because I really enjoy these edgy and poetic illustrations from the series Kowwboy - made with spray paint on sandblasted glass. It's like you can actually see through the animals eyes and get the personality of the boy especially the lion and the dog – it's comforting and scary and at the same time. Via Lustik.

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