Abandoned boxes

Brasilian artist Sergio Sister reconstructs found boxes and paletts and then paints them in these truly wonderful combinations. Via Present and Correct.

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Garment Grafitti

Cool and harmless grafitti made of garments by Dutch designer Thomas Voorn. Via Trend Tablet.

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Portable Percussion

Beautiful wooden clamps from project Public Resonance designed by British product designer Sam Weller. By utilising the natural resonance of everyday objects, for example street furniture, existing architecture or even public transport, various vibrations are both created and amplified by this portable percussive tool kit. Via Present And Correct.

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Simple Shapes

Layered coloured paper cropped into basic geometric shapes by Tom Moglu. So simple – and I love simple! Via Present and Correct.

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Masonite Memoriam

These great cabinets are designed by Swedish designers Folkform for Svenskt Tenn made from pieces of Masonite produced in 1929 combined with the last few sheets that was made before Sweden’s last Masonite manufacturer shut down in April 2011.Via Dezeen.

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Room Portraits

"Through challenging camera angles Menno Aden abstracts most familiar actual living environments and public interiors into flattened two-dimensional scale models. The resulting images lay out space in symmetrical compositions that look like assemblages stripped off any kind of objectivity. The notion of surveillance is systematically played out by the artist to hint at society’s voyeuristic urge that popular culture has made mainstream". Via Ignant.

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Just another day at the office

"I never worked in an office and found it fascinating to see how functional and minimal the movements of people are in such a space. It made me wonder how long I could keep on sitting still". From the series Building Images by Isabelle Wenzel.

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Re Turned

Great packaging – great project! The birds from the series Re Turned by Lars Beller Fjetland were perhaps once a part of a loving household as a supportive table-leg or an armrest. Perhaps they never made it from their roots in the woods and into a finished piece of furniture, but got cut off somewhere along the way, and has now been turned into desirable pieces of woodcraft. The packaging for Re Turned is cleverly designed by Grand People and follows the philosophy of the project using only recycled materials. Via Good Design Makes Me Happy.

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Miller Goodman goes Totem

Design duo Miller Goodman – best known for the awesome wood blocks Shape Maker and Face Maker – also creates more arty stuff like these fantastic scupltures made from salvaged materials. Via Lustik.

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