Neoscapes in November

Bahar Yurukoglu is the name of the artist behind these amazing colorful neoscape installations. Just what we need to finish off this totally gray month! Via Basic Sounds. 

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Woolford's Wooden Cubism

New York-based artist Donelle Woolford focus on Cubism’s obsession with portraiture, surface tension, and multiple points of view in these lovely wooden pieces of art. They are influenced not only by her desire to revisit the synthetic innovations of Picasso and Braque, but also by her exposure over the past few years and her increasing desire to have her paintings— and herself—return the exposure. Via Contemporary Art Daily.

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Reworked Repurposed

Ceramic and mixed media artist, Michelle Taylor is interested in the memory bearing aspect of objects, their connections and associations, and the emotional attachment we may have with them. She use the juxtaposition of ceramic and textile to explore emotional themes relating to memory and loss and deconstructs pieces of china using industrial techniques such as sandblasting, cutting and drilling and then 'restore' them using paradoxical materials such as textile, print, knit, stitch and vintage paper. Via Lustik.

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Hutt Lagoon

Wauw - what is this? It's looks like something wood-ish, but no – not this time. These amazing images by Australian photographer, Steve Back are taken from an aircraft while traveling over Hutt Lagoon in Kalbarri, Western Australia. Captured over the course of three years, the un-doctored photos are a striking representation of the largest micro algae production plant in the world. Reflecting hues from bright orange to hot pink, the seemingly un-natural colors are the fortunate consequence of an organically produced beta carotene in the water. Wauw nature! Via Trendland.

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Me and Mini-me

The portrait series ‘American Girls’ by Polish artist and photographer Ilona Szwarc, is about girls in the United States who own American Girl dolls – a doll that can be customized to look exactly like their owner, yet all of them really look the same. American Doll offers an illusion of choice and therefore an illusion of individuality. Szwarc's ‘American Girls’ examines how culture and society conditions gender and how it invents childhood. Slightly scary! Via Ignant.

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She was a Skater Girl...

...well not really, but these beautiful graphic boards from Italian Atypical sure makes me wanna be one! Via Huh Magazine.

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KissMiklos Miklos Kiss

Hungarian designer and visual artist Miklós Kiss did the concept and visuel identity including this fine food packaging for club, restaurant and bar Trafiq in Budapest. Via The Dieline.

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Pop-up Paper Lamp

This cool Pop-up corner light by French Well Well Designers is delivered in an envelope. Constructed from a sheet of paper, lined with polyphane this lamp is outstanding in its simplicity fitting perfectly in every corner to create indirect light. The lamp creates a luminous shape, interacting with the architecture. Well well...less really is more! Via Ignant.

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