Outdated things that continue to exist

American artist Hollis Brown Thornton is dealing with themes of memory and perception. Thornton uses modern cultural artifacts ranging from family photos to pop culture imagery in order to illustrate the modern relevance of these things from the past. Here's a bunch of drawings using permanent marker on paper from the series VHS. Love it!

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Free the mind, occupy the space

Excellent illusions by Croation artist Igor Eskinja. Via BasicSounds.

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Bleed at the nose

I like the paintings by South Korean based artist Lee Ji Su – especially the Bleed at the nose series. Strangely fascinating because it seems so natural – almost like everyone in South Korea has a permanent bleed at the nose...;0)? Have a strangely fascinating weekend!

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The Burning House

If your house was burning, what would you take with you? It's a conflict between what's practical, valuable and sentimental. What you would take reflects your interests, background and priorities. Very interesting web-art-project where anyone can participate by taking a photograph of exactly what they would bring with them if their house was burning. Via Juxtapoz.

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Fabulous Floor

I have shown some work by Maxime Ansiau here before but now I just must show you her floor. I think it looks fantastic – I want it in my bedroom, and kitchen, and living room, and hall, and bathroom, and... well I don't have any rooms left!!

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Hard Jelly

I like these amazing handmade porcelain jellyfish from Coe and Waito shown at Board of Directors. Via Another.

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Clothes Collages

Absolutely stunning work by young Swiss textile designer, Stéphanie Baechler. First she makes collages out of clothes and photographs them, then she makes new collages out of the photos, then she transfers that onto fabric and finally she styles the fabric on a model and takes new photos. Easy, peasy or...?Via Madame Hervé.

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Beautifully Surreal

James Benjamin Franklin is a Brooklyn-based artist who makes paintings about everyday human interactions that are both familiar and beautifully surreal! Love it!

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Moleskin Sketches #1

Love sketchbooks! Here's one from Atelier 25.

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Lovely Lines and Shapes

Great work by Matthias Heiderich – a self-taught photographer currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. The colors, the shapes and the lines in these photos – Wauw! Interested? Buy prints here. Via BasicSounds.

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