Elmgren and Dragset

Great installation work by Danish/Norwegian art-duo Elmgren and Dragset. Their works meet the categories of art, architecture and design, and they explore and redefine space and its numerous possibilities of definition and function. Via Ignant.

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Cool chairs and construction

Nice work by Spanish product designer Ornella Stocco from the series Lashed Chairs & Family and Underconstruction. Via Dezeen. 

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The art of Alvaro

Love the style and colors in the illustrations by Chilean artist Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo from the series Portraits of artists, musicians, writers and others and Illustrations of animals. The Chilean artist who is also a graphic designer and filmmaker uses both digital and manual techniques to produce his illustrations. Alvaro is currently living and working in Granada, Spain. Check out more here.

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Moleskin Sketches #3

By Guatamala-based illustrator, Muxxi. Check out more of her great illustrations here or here or here. Via Juxtapoz.

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Figures and Wares

Freakishly contorted bodies photographed extremely beautiful by New York City based photographer and artist Bill Durgin from his series Figures and Wares. Via Ignant.

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Bric-à-brac Creatures

Yeah I know, vacation blah blah... quiet on the blog blah blah blah.... Here is Spanish artist Miquel Aparici. He collects and recycles disparate vintage materials from junkyards and antique sellers and creates these amazing sculptures. Enjoy! Via Junkculture.

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Signing out

During my vacation the next three weeks it's going to be very quiet here, but everything will be back to normal in August! I'm signing out with a small collection of words, sayings and signs. First 7 photos are picks from Andrew Harlow – the last two is from "Promise the Moon" – a series of 25 limited edition silkscreen prints produced by artist Mads Lynnerup and commissioned by Playtype. The prints are inspired by store signs, seen by Lynnerup in his neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. The exhibition is on display in Playtype Concept Store in Copenhagen from July 7th – July 30th 2011. I'm in for "Rent tuxedo's..." and "Psychic reader.."
Have a wonderful summer – and a lot of ice-creams!

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Wishing I was fishing

Jamie Isenstein is known for blurring the lines between performance and sculpture, often through her use of her own body as a ready-made object. Via Lustik. 

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Found Wood Sculptures

Love these geometric wooden sculptures by Vancouver based artist Aaron Moran. Some found wood, paint in beautiful colors et voilá! Maybe I should steal my son's collection of found wood and make my own FWS (found wood sculpture) in my holiday...Via The Jealous Curator.

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Pipe up

Lovely pipe-smoking ladies: Drucilla, Amy, Glow, Ada, Pretti and Velda from the series "Pipe up" by photographer Alan Powdrill. Via BasicSounds.

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"Control is always what we do not have. This is the human condition"

... says Italian artist Esther Stocker. Her work provokes uncertainties in the viewer, putting their sense of control into constant doubt, via the perception games in her paintings and installations. Very fascinating work! Via BrownPaperBag.

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