Marvellous Memphis

And I don't mean the Italien design and architecture group that rocked the 1980ies founded by Ettore Sottsass. No, I refer to the brand new unique and handmade tableware called Memphis, designed by Danish ceramic designduo Stilleben by Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft – and yet there are some references to the old Memphis style. Because this is no ordinary tableware, since the objects are not the same colour, material, structure or shape. Every single object are different from each other but in a strange way, they are still joined in perfect harmony fitting beautifully together. I happily picked up my pink sugar loaf today, and I have a strange feeling, that soon it will be accompanied by a couple of small brown, rustic cups.

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Look at Longly

London based artist  George Henry Longly works across several media to explore issues in architecture, composition and design. Indeed very appealing to my graphic design eye! Via Present and Correct.

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Spectacular Seating

Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri are the design duo behind Beirut based Bokja. They both share a love for antiques and vintage furniture and have a passion for ancient textiles and tapestries as well. And all that combined with their talent and creativity they have succeeded in creating truly amazing and spectacular products. Via Another Magazine.

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Parts and Pottery

I'm a big fan of wood but I'm also a big fan of ceramic art. And these ceramic sculptures by San Fransisco based artist Ian McDonald are no exception. His ability to present familiar but oblique forms with such authority, demonstrate a playful interest in functional ware but a deeper appreciation of the sculptural purity occurring when form follows function. Via Rena Bransten Gallery.

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Row Row Row Your Boat

WAUW! Yes I'm shouting, because usually paddles don't rock my boat, but these beautiful handcrafted and hand painted paddles by Norquay just makes me wanna start paddling, and maybe even go camping! Norquay Co. is a brand founded by a camping enthusiast obsessed with the great outdoors and equally for great design. WAUW again! Via Madame Hervé.

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Great Graphic Inspiration #19

I've never really been into pink, but you just gotta love this project for Moscaw based Surup Café by graphic designer Sergey Parfenov. It can't be more girlie and feminin! Via Good Design Makes Me Happy.

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Stacked Summer

My intention was to make a "have a nice summer"-post, but I ran out of time, so instead I'm doing a "did you had a nice summer"-post? Mine was warm, long and lazy. But with all the new followers and of course also for the old ones, I'm trying hard to get back to business and do some nice blogposts. Here's the first one - still with a summer feeling to it. Love the warm, ice cream pastel colours and the simple idea in these stacked book prints by mixed media artist Marisa Swangha. Her work are heavily informed by codes and subtexts and patterns in culture; issues of time, design, desire, history, nature and memory. Buy here! Via Curate 1k.

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