The Bliss of Balloons

Certified Balloonatic and Master Balloon-Trooper, Jihan “Jihanimo” Zencirlian is behind Geronimo! – an explosion and visual feast of fine ribbon, vintage millinery, hand cut paper and balloons! Via Black Eiffel.


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Fantastic Fraupawlik

The things you can do with this piece of multifunctional furnitures!! The DQE- scholarship holder FRAUPAWLIK researches traditional and special techniques at Ehrenfelds numerous production facilities in order to find long-term-craftsman establishments for a cooperation with local designers. With modern multifunctional objects, her interior product line Made in Ehrenfeld shows how the culture of craftsmanship and modern living styles merge.

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Very cool – very French Gansters

Very French Gansters is a new eyewear brand for kids from 3 to 10 years old. I wish I was around 8 and needed new glasses...

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Cathy Coëz Ceramics

Cathy Coëz’s work has been devoted to drawing, and she first encountered the medium of ceramic in 2007. Ceramic has ever since given the artist an opportunity to explore new possibilities of representation. Here's from the series ‘Clay and Porcelain drawings' and ’Black Figures’. Cathy Coëz is a French Multi-disciplinary artist. She lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

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Cubes and Shift and more

Great installaltion work by Dutch artist Henriëtte Van't Hoog. Via Claire Leina.
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Switcheroo still makes me smile

Sincerely Hana's on-going project where she photographs couples like they look and then she takes another photo where the couples switch position and clothes, still makes me smile! Here's some new Switcheroos for you to enjoy.

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A Logical Necessity

A furniture project by Dutch photographer Fien Muller and artist Hannes van Severen aka Muller Van Severen. While both artists are inspired by the tension between the known and the unknown they create furniture out of sheer necessity and function. “We are not looking for the next ‘big find’. The furniture exists because of a logical necessity." Via Trendland.

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Just in Case

I really like this End-of-the-world survival kit, crafted and designed in Mexico by MENOSUNOCEROUNO. Via The Dieline. Have a Happy Weekend!

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