No parkin' on the dance floor

Great work by L.A. based artist Kelly Puissegur a.k.a. RetroWhale. The paintings are little appreciations for found objects, plants, animals, people who inspire her, family, music, shapes, textures, and what ever else pops into her head. Her goal is to make affordable art that people can appreciate or relate to in some way. Buy here or check out more here. Via FecalFace.

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Moleskin Sketches #2

By graphic designer, illustrator and animator Peter Lundgren, born and raised side by side with the polar bears and reindeers in the northern Sweden but currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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A fixed angle

I'm amazed by these 2D/3D chairs cleverly made by Japanese architect Yoichi Yamamoto. Although the wooden backs of the blue chairs are fixed directly to the floor, the legs are painted onto the ground so that from a fixed angle they appear in the correct perspective. Via Dezeen.

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Blow Me

Love these tacky perfume bottles from the ‘Blow Me’ collection by Edinburgh based ceramicist Rebecca Wilson. Rebecca’s porcelain works turn everyday discarded items into a collage of pleasurable extravagance. Via Designcloud.

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To survive in a meaningless way

Love these strangely fascinating sculptures by Norweigan artist Nina Bang Larsen. Her sculptures are visualizations of how someone's feelings or thoughts might look if they where visible! Have a strangely fascinating weekend!

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Little Adults

German born Anna Skladmann is a freelance photographer that lives and works between New York and Moscow. The series Little Adults explores what it feels like to grow up as a nouveau-riche in Russia today beeing raised to become The Elite and behave like little adults. Via Juxtapoz.

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Labor-intensive Lemanski

Amazing paper work by American artist Anne Lemanski. She creates labor-intensive sculptures by using materials that can be sewn in order to make these life-sized pieces. Though her assembly methods are time consuming, her meticulous handwork are what ensures that her sculptures come to life as they do. Fantastic!

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Everyday life

I like the everyday life paintings from the series "town" with motivs from New York City and Copenhagen and "Stilleben" by Danish artist, Jonna Pedersen.

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Great Graphic Inspiration #5

Design agency, BOND, based i Helsiki, Finland, specializes in branding and design. Seeing design as a craft they demonstrate their expertise through their work rather than through talking! Love the use of colors – not an often sight in the (more black and white) design-world! Via SeptemberIndustry.

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