Coming and Going

Poetic Photos from the series Louvre by German design student Jonas Schubert.

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A different type of street art #6

French artist Sandrine Estrade Ball, sees things others do not see – things hiding in every city. Sometimes she paints directly on the location, and other times she takes a photo and add elements after. And you, what are you going to see today? Via Lustik. 

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News from The animal Chair Collection

First came the Octopus Chair – now Spanish artist Maximo Riera has finished two more chairs from the series The Animal Chair Collection: Rhino and Walrus. Wish I had a really big appartement! Via Juxtapoz.

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The world is a mess!

So thank God for the Swiss artist Ursus Wehrli, famous for his Tidying Up Art books, who this time is focusing on common objects or situations and organizes them in his forthcoming book The Art of Clean Up. Via Colossal.

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Dirty Rotten Peaches

She's done it again! Love the new work ‘Dirty Rotten Peaches’ by Rebecca Wilson, part of a body of work entitled Eat Me; Keep Me. The series focuses on the notion of self indulgence. In ‘Dirty Rotten Peaches’ the innocent fruits transform tantalisingly into voluptuous little ladies bottoms sprouting delicate gold leaves and other unmentionable things. Buy here. Via Dezeen.

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Just another week at the office...

Work by Tim Taylor. Via Juxtapoz.

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Love Love Love these sculptures/installations by Delta Inc. Have a lovely deconstructed weekend!

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One of Us

I love animated gif's. Here are some new favorites from Ignacio Torres, born in the border city of El Paso, Texas, now living and working i New York City exploring youth, identity and scientific theories through the use of photography, animated gifs and video. Via Designcloud.

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Genetic Portraits

Interesting series by French Photographer Ulric Collette – a work on the photographic similarities between members of the same family. Hmmm... might take some photos of my family during the big gathering this weekend! Via Ignant.

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Memories of Scents

Is it possible to archive memories of scents? Swiss graphic design company, I never kissed a dog, developed packaging and an associated memory in their project "Il etait une fois...". I'm especially fond of "Winter 1972. Via Lustik.

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