By photographer Grant Hamilton "Through my photos, I strive to find beauty in the mundane". Via Present & Correct.

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Great Graphic Inspiration #12

Canadian BangBang workshop is not only a screen printing workshop for paper and fabrics, but also a design agency and a experimentation studio. The workshop is intended to be a reference to Montreal in the field of screen printing and design. Via Graphic Exchange.

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Painted Photography

I wauw these pieces by Korean artist Ho-Ryon Lee! Wauw! The artist took several photos of the model in specific poses, composed the photos via Photoshop and painted the finalized product on canvas. Via Trendland.

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Memories from the future

I'm totally fascinated by these ceramic sculptures from the series "tower from the city" by Hungarian artist and ceramist Palma Babos. Because all things, able to produce reactions, are in existence…

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Geometrically Chopped Paper

Crisp and delicate arrangements of paper from the series "Paper Abstractions" by New York based photographer Joanna McClure. Via Juxtapoz.

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Great Graphic Inspiration #11

First of all it's a delight to see so many different colors used on a website for a design agency - normally they are all in black and white! Second of all it's a delight just to get inspired – so thank you Tsto. Via Good Design Makes Me Happy.

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Hybrid of Humans and Animals

Absolutely stunning paintings by French artist Charlotte Caron who with this mixed media series is trying to respond to a form of duality by creating an osmosis between the two mediums –  between the animal and the portrait. Via Trendland.

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Because you Can Can Can

Normally paint is INSIDE a can, but it so much more beautiful this way! From the series "SOLID GEOMETRY" by French artist Morgane Tschiember, who also did some amazing installation work with some aluminium, glossy paint and varnish in the series "IRON MAIDEN". Check it out at our Tumblr! Via Present and Correct.

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