Segments of Translucence

Japanese artist Ramon Todo creates beautiful sculptures inserting perfectly cut glass fragments in stones and rocks but also in books. The glass seem to slide through the object resulting in segments of translucence where you would least expect it. To me it looks absolutely amazing and very natural - well maybe not the books but the stones look like something you could actually find in nature - sooo beautiful! Via This Is Colossal.

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Bois Just Wanna Have Fun

The oil-on-canvas series Bois Just Wanna Have Fun by artist Cobi Moules, is a community of  engaging in different activities: playing, exploring his selves, nature and becoming part of it. Moules says: ‘As a queer and transgender person, I seek to renegotiate my relationship with this upbringing and the act of being told I am unnatural through such Christian lens. I utilize traditional representation as a way of seeking inclusion, creating a space for personal significance and a queer presence.The importance becomes the experiences of my multiple and overall presence.’
I love the scout-feeling it has to it – being part of a group where you all look alike and enjoy it and actually WANT to look alike, because looking different would cause too much attention and be terrifying so that's just NOT what you want – at least not at this time in your life. But that will all change in a few months and THEN you're gonna have fun... Via Ignant.

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