Geographique et Magnifique

Les robes géographiques is a series of magnificent dresses and shirts folded of old maps by London based artist Elisabeth Lecourt. Via Artstormer.

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Push and Pull

With her jointed figures made from wood and graphite on paper, American artist, Claire Oswalt, continues to explore the push and pull between control and freedom. In the tradition of puppets and marionettes, these pieces are designed to be controlled and moved, yet here the subjects appear abruptly frozen in the moment. Via The Jealous Curator.

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Hair We Go

Beautiful, ceramic pieces from the series Variations of hair by Danish ceramic artist Marianne Nielsen. I like!

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Great Graphic Inspiration #14

La Tortillería is a creative company Located in Monterrey, Mexico with a passion for images and words. Via Graphic Exchange.

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11” X 17”

11” X 17” is an assemblage of different acquired garments using the cutout as a tool to create new perspectives on what already exists. The cuts in the garments are neat, precise and carefully executed by Elisa van Joolen (Dutch/Italian), a recent graduate of the newly initiated MFA Fashion Design and Society program at Parsons The New School for Design, lives in NYC and Amsterdam. Her working methods can be compared to that of an anthropologist: deconstructing and unraveling existing frameworks mainly connected to the representation of fashion. Elisa will be showing at New York Fashion week in September 2012 which will provide a new perspective on her work 11” X 17” as it translates from an exhibition context to runway. Via Trend Tablet.

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Mr. Somebody and Mr. Nobody

Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody is an important businessman from the Gold City in Southern Africa. He drives a Luxury German sedan with his insignia on all four doors. His two personal assistants, Heidi and Sharon, keep his official badge nice and shiny so it catches the glint of his gold filling when he flashes a smile and the sun is setting on his lapel. Together the three make unpredictable-things-of-beauty that exude Afro-Cool-Universal-Style to sell in their Afro-Pop-Up-Shops to all types of discriminating tastes. These doily designs make Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody’s assistants remember long international flights, fast cars, fat chickens, six fingers and how he has to run for a patch of shade so that his shoes don’t melt on a hot day. Check out more stuff here. Don't miss the gold chicken!

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Willy the Woodcarver

Italian woodcarver Willy Verginer creates simply awesome artistic wooden sculptures. His art pieces are basically real sized and painted with a cool vibrant colors. Via Designcloud.

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Beach Portraits

Great series by Dutch photographer and artist Rineke Dijkstra. She never uses professional models, she just approaches kids and asks them for a photo, spontaneously. I like! Via The Jealous Curator.

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The Closed Circle

The notion of space is central to understand ‘Le Cercle Fermé’ by Martine Feipel and Jean Beachameil. In their installation they take up this abstractlogic and visualize the flip side of the coin. Views open to a hidden, hitherto invisible space. It seems madness, yet there is method in it. Love it! Via Ignant.

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