Mr. Somebody and Mr. Nobody

Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody is an important businessman from the Gold City in Southern Africa. He drives a Luxury German sedan with his insignia on all four doors. His two personal assistants, Heidi and Sharon, keep his official badge nice and shiny so it catches the glint of his gold filling when he flashes a smile and the sun is setting on his lapel. Together the three make unpredictable-things-of-beauty that exude Afro-Cool-Universal-Style to sell in their Afro-Pop-Up-Shops to all types of discriminating tastes. These doily designs make Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody’s assistants remember long international flights, fast cars, fat chickens, six fingers and how he has to run for a patch of shade so that his shoes don’t melt on a hot day. Check out more stuff here. Don't miss the gold chicken!

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