Totally incredible Tapestries

These handwoven tapestries from artist Justine Ashbee's Native Line are incredible, and the more I stare the more I want to shout WAUW! THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. Native Line is a mesmerising collection of geometric lines, shimmering metals, and new animistic forms in woven precious metals, golds, and silvers. All pieces are handwoven on a loom, using a four shaft weaving process. Inspired by the timeless motifs of indigenous woven craft work, Justine Ashbee combines geometric lines with shimmering metals to create luminary pieces of woven art. More here and shop here.

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  1. Reminds me of Indians from longs ago. These are their usual color and design preferences. Good to have as decorations for resthouses. :)
    - QualityTapestries.com


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